Appeal the IRS’ Proposed Tax Adjustments

It is important to be aware of your appeal rights if you receive a letter from the IRS.


If the IRS examines your tax return and proposes adjustments to your tax liability, they will send you a letter explaining the proposed adjustments.   If you do not agree with any or all of the IRS findings given you, you may request a meeting or a telephone conference with the supervisor of the person who issued the findings.  If you still don’t agree, you may appeal your case to the Appeals Office of the IRS.  Items that can be appealed include the examination, penalties, interest, trust fund recovery penalties, offers in compromise, liens and levies.


The IRS will provide you with instructions on how to request the meeting or conference.  Be prepared to discuss all issues you don’t agree with at the conference and bring records and documentation to support your position.  The Appeals conferences are informal meetings.  You may represent yourself or have an attorney, certified public accountant, or an enrolled agent represent you.  If you want your representative to appear without you, you must provide a properly completed power of attorney to the IRS before the representative can receive or inspect confidential information.  Use Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, or any other properly written power of attorney or authorization for this purpose.


Your tax preparer can provide you with more information regarding any proposed adjustments to your income tax return. StrataTax, a San Diego consulting and tax services firm, is available year-round to assist you with income tax preparation and tax planning.  Call us at (858) 225-7720 to setup your free initial consultation or visit us for more information.



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