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We offer cost-effective services with fees that are transparent, simple and reasonable. Our tax preparers will tell you up-front what the charge will be. For individual and business tax preparation, pay one price dependent upon the level of service your tax return requires with very few exceptions. Our audit representation, tax planning, and business consulting services are priced according to your specific needs.

Pricing for Tax Preparation

StrataTax believes in removing financial uncertainty, not producing it. We charge a flat fee per return – we do not charge per hour or per form/schedule. Unlike most other tax firms that charge hourly or per form/schedule, our flat fee pricing is very straightforward. You will know upfront exactly how much it will cost to file your tax return. You will not be surprised with a high bill from our tax preparers.

Each income tax return prepared by StrataTax includes:

  • Up to one hour of free Tax Planning, available to business owners (including C Corporations, S Corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships).
  • Up to two hours of free Audit Preparation/Representation if your tax return is selected for Audit.

Business tax preparation applies to C corporations, S corporations, and partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs) filing as such. Individual tax preparation applies to limited liability companies (LLCs) filing as a sole proprietorship.

Pricing for Tax Planning, Business Consulting, and Audit Representation

Tax planning, business consulting, and audit representation services are priced according to your specific needs.