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Audit Representation

Going through an IRS audit is one of the most stressful events one can face. The federal and state governments have highly trained auditors to examine tax positions you took on your tax return. These auditors are specialized in tax law and are trained to extract more information from you than you have a legal obligation to provide during an IRS audit. They are experts at selecting tax returns for audit and making tax adjustments to increase revenue from someone like you.

Tax audits require a comprehensive understanding of the tax law and the government procedures enforced on taxpayers. Completing an IRS audit takes significant time away from your busy schedule, including your time spent in leisure, with your family and operating your business.

StrataTax is here to be your tax advocate. We can communicate with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state or local government agencies on your behalf. We can clarify matters and negotiate favorable solutions to many problems that arise from dealing with these agencies. Best of all, your anxiety level will drop immediately, just knowing that StrataTax is taking care of your challenges with the government.

We understand the time constraints and pressure that you’re faced with when you receive an IRS notice. We know your rights and will work hard to protect them during an IRS audit or state audit. Our team of consultants is led by a former IRS Agent and we are ready to be your most important advisor.

We offer two basic audit services:

  • Audit Representation. We can handle all aspects of your audit. We will meet and/or discuss your case with the IRS or state/local tax authority on your behalf. This will help minimize the burden an audit places on you and give you more time to focus on your other priorities.
  • Audit Preparation. We can guide you through the process of handling your own audit. After discussing your facts and circumstances with you, we will perform a detailed analysis of your case and provide you with detailed instructions for you to respond to the audit.

Each income tax return prepared by StrataTax comes with up to two hours of free Audit Preparation/Representation if your return is selected for an audit.