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The following testimonials demonstrate the success of our diverse talents and dedication to helping clients reach their goals. You can read more reviews by visiting Yelp.com or Google.com.

“As a first time home buyer, first year business owner, first time landlord, I had an entirely new challenge when it came to doing my taxes. StrataTax not only provided the expertise and willingness to explain each item and the associated tax law, but I believe they also provided me with the highest tax return possible without missing a single credit or deduction!” – Jonathan S., San Diego, CA

“A friend recommended me to StrataTax after receiving a collection notice stating that I owed more than $120,000. Their knowledge and expertise saved me over 20 hours of research and reduced my $120,000 bill to $0. StrataTax provided advice that was clear and easy to understand, which assisted me gather documents to clarify the collection notice. I was pleased with their professionalism and enthusiasm in resolving my situation. Thanks again!” – Tai T., Whittier, CA

“As a self-employed professional, I realized the importance of having a tax expert on my side but was clueless on where to begin when it came to the daunting tax filing process. Amongst other things, Tony specializes in the self-employed and the type small businesses that I run on a daily basis. We definitely were incredibly unorganized with our bookkeeping and financials which proved to be a challenge at first but he patiently took the time to organize and help us develop a long term business plan and financial structure that has made us more productive and profitable. He not only assists in handling the filing aspects for me throughout the year, but never hesitates to inform me about my IRA options to build a retirement fund, etc. Tony has always made me feel like he is personally invested in the work he has done for me and that my dreams of running a successful business are not only realistic but very much attainable if planned correctly. It’s a marathon not a race and he is the first to let you know that he will be with you the entire way.” -Brad B., San Diego, CA

“StrataTax helped provide me with much needed insight and understanding into the world of business ownership. Their motivation is uplifting, yet their advice is the perfect balance of optimism and realism. Lastly, the response time to getting your questions answered is quite impressive, and the research done is extremely thorough. I would highly recommend this phenomenal team to help you with any business venture you may pursue.” – Janine G., Carlsbad, CA

“I trust StrataTax with my taxes. Anthony always asks the right questions to my ever changing financial situation to maximize my returns. His vast knowledge and advice has helped my family over the past 5 years and I would never use anyone else.” – Justin D., Fresno, CA

“Tony was extremely informative and clearly explained everything he was doing as he worked. After working with StrataTax I feel comfortable knowing my taxes are being handled by someone I can trust and rely on to bring me the best results.” – Kasey W., San Diego, CA

“Donna was so helpful last tax season as I dealt with the most complicated tax filing of my life. She was very thorough and knew all the right questions to ask throughout the process. Her expertise allowed me to appropriately take deductions that I didn’t know existed. Not only did she enable a sizeable and fair return, but she put me on a better path for next year. With Donna’s help, I stopped hating tax season.” – Joe S., La Mesa, CA

“Based on technical expertise and willingness to give honest, professional advice, StrataTax has exceeded all my expectations. Tony works in the best interests of his clients and is committed to a long term relationship. I am very satisfied with his professional ability and will continue to refer him to my friends and family.” – Kim T., Phoenix, AZ

“I have now known and worked with Tony for many years and do not hesitate to recommend his services to any business large or small. Like most who know him I was not only drawn to him because of his obvious and pleasant demeanor but also immense knowledge of tax/tax law and commitment to conduct business in a professional and ethical manner. He has always made a point of explaining all the details clearly and it terminology that the everyday business owner can easily understand. Tony has made a point of building long term relationships with his clients such as me and realizes we are all in this together. The work he has done for me has never been questioned on any level and I will continue to use his expertise for all of my tax needs. Long story short, moral people operate moral business which is Tony in a nutshell.” – Javier M., San Diego, CA

“Tony has been our tax accountant for the last 8 years and we always recommend him to anybody who asks. His experience, knowledge, and attention to detail always leaves us with a peace of mind knowing that he has our best interest at heart.” – Jaime G., San Diego, CA

“My taxes have been done by Tony for the past 5 years. Although I live in Northern California, he has been extremely responsive to my questions and concerns in a timely fashion. He takes the time to explain things in terms I understand, especially when it comes to those related to my rental property in another state. With his extensive experience working for the IRS, Tony has been able to find tax credits/write-offs that I was not even aware I was eligible for! If you want your taxes done properly, quickly and thoroughly, I highly recommend his services!” – Heather J., Napa, CA

“This is just a note to thank you personally for preparing my taxes over the years. I’m impressed in how efficient the service is and how much technical expertise you possess. It comforts me knowing that my taxes will be completed in a timely fashion and by a trusted professional. I look forward to many years of outstanding service!” – Joey V., Naples, Italy

“Tony is very knowledgeable and highly experienced.His expertise absolutely saved my money and my time. He is my trusted advisor. Tony also has a distinguished open, honest and fun communication style. He is fun to work with. If you try to find a smart, skilled and honest professional to help you out, I would highly recommend Tony. With every question, he can offer you a solution!” – Honglin L., San Diego, CA

“Over the last few years I encountered several issues with my taxes that turned out too complicated for me to figure out on my own. I turned to Tony for help and thanks to his trusted expertise I am confident that my taxes have been not only correctly, but that I have also received the most aggressive return possible.” – Jay M., San Diego, CA

“Filing taxes can be daunting, but Tony always puts me at ease with his expert knowledge and years of experience. His ability to explain procedures in a way I can understand makes the process a pleasant one, and I’m glad I have him as an advisor during tax season. Thanks Tony.” – Paul H., San Diego, CA

“A few years ago I went to a national chain tax service with horrible results. I had to get up and walk out because I knew the person I was dealing with was unqualified. After that experience I made a decision that I would only let qualified professionals handle my tax needs. Since then, I have acquired the services of Tony and the results have been excellent. His personality, professionalism, and the ability to answer any question regarding my personal taxes is why I keep coming back. I would definitely recommend Tony to anyone.” – Nathan B., San Diego, CA