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Why StrataTax

1. More Than Just Tax Preparation

    We provide a wide array of tax and consulting services aimed at helping entrepreneurs navigate today’s challenging environment.
    We can help you meet your tax and small business goals. Whether your goal is to reach financial freedom, grow your existing company, or exit your business, StrataTax will be your partner. We can guide you through a full range of tax and business strategies that optimize your tax liabilities and keep you on track to achieve your financial and strategic goals.

2. Proactive Approach

    Our proactive approach develops and implements tax strategies that optimize tax liabilities.
    StrataTax focuses on more than tax preparation that deals with closed or past transactions; we help you implement tax planning strategies for open or future transactions. We are available year-round to guide you through major events as they occur. We provide tax planning for business owners.

3. Former IRS Agents

    Our team is led by a former IRS Auditor skilled at implementing tax saving strategies.
    He has trained all of the consultants at StrataTax on what tax issues are commonly examined by the IRS on individual and business tax returns.  In addition, we have other ex-IRS Agents, such as auditors and collection specialists, working with us and ready to help you.

4. Clear Pricing for Tax Preparation

    You will know upfront how much it will cost to file your return.
    StrataTax recognizes and respects your time and budget.  We believe in removing financial uncertainty, not producing it.  Unlike most other tax preparation companies that charge you hourly or per form/schedule, our flat fee prices are very straightforward.

5. All Tax Returns Prepared and Reviewed by a CPA or EA

    The StrataTax team consists of professionals who have the technical expertise in the field of taxation to help you the most.
    Each tax return prepared by StrataTax is prepared, reviewed and signed by a either a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or an Enrolled Agent (EA). You can be confident that your tax return was prepared by a first-class consultant who is knowledgeable of the complex tax laws.

6. One Hour of Free Tax Planning for Business Owners

    A free hour of tax planning is available to business owners (including C Corporations, S Corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships).
    StrataTax takes a proactive approach to helping you reach your goals. Through tax planning, we educate business owners on tax savings strategies throughout the life of their business. Our goal is to help you arrange your financial activities in a way that will reduce your tax expense and maximize your wealth over time.

7. Large Professional Network

    We have the resources small business owners need to meet their financial and strategic goals.
    In addition to offering tax preparation, tax planning, and business consulting services, we have a large network of professional contacts across a wide variety of specialties.

8. Guarantees

    Each tax return prepared by StrataTax comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee and an Accuracy Guarantee.
    (1) Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are not happy with the tax preparation services that we have provided to you, simply let us know that you decide not to file the return we prepared and we will not charge you, and (2) Accuracy Guarantee – StrataTax will provide you with up to two hours of free Audit Preparation/Representation, amend your tax return for free, and pay any applicable accuracy-related penalties up to $1,000* if a StrataTax consultant makes a mistake completing your return. * StrataTax will not be responsible for any additional taxes, interest, penalties (not accuracy-related), or other fees.

9. Up to Two Hours of Free Audit Preparation

    Each income tax return prepared by StrataTax comes with up to two hours of free audit preparation/representation if your tax return is selected for audit.
    We stand behind our work. Our team of consultants is led by a former IRS Agent skilled at representing clients throughout an audit.

10. Open All Year

    StrataTax is open year-round to answer your questions and assist you with situations as they occur.
    Please visit our Contact Us page for our normal business hours.