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Our Story

StrataTax was born out of our founder’s desire to help entrepreneurs navigate today’s challenging environment. Whether your goal is to reach financial freedom, grow your existing company, or exit your business, StrataTax will be your partner. Learn the top reasons why clients have been choosing StrataTax.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower our clients to reach their financial and strategic goals by providing them the support they need with tax and small business consulting services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a business consulting and tax services company that helps entrepreneurs meet their financial and strategic goals.

StrataTax recognizes that small businesses, and the individuals who start them, are the backbone of our country’s economic growth. The importance of small businesses stems from their history of being the most innovative and employing the majority of workers in the United States.

Unfortunately, our federal, state and local governments have created many complex rules and regulations that prevent a small business from prospering. These barriers hinder their potential to provide the most value to society. In response, StrataTax has set out to help small businesses navigate through these rules and regulations through customized business consulting services.

Our Approach

We believe that being proactive will lead to your success. We offer specialized tax planning consultation based on your needs. We are up to date on the current tax laws and can guide you through a full range of strategies that optimize your tax liabilities. Through our business consulting services, we help you effectively plan, prioritize, and execute major business initiatives that help put your business on the path to prosperity.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to helping you reach the next level in your journey whether it’s to improve your business, decrease your taxes, or learn new strategies. As your trusted advisor, your success is our goal.

We believe that clear and frequent communication is the cornerstone of a strong working relationship. We maintain consistent communication with our clients throughout the year.

Knowledge is the key to success. Therefore, our consultants take the time to clearly explain technical terms and practices to you that may otherwise seem complicated and confusing.